Saturday, December 17, 2016

short story slam week 59, Dong Yi, Zhang Zhr, and Ren Luyu's opera adventure

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Bie Chang E's sister,  Li Shengsu

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 Image result for 【2016春节戏曲晚会 20160209】精编超清版 

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Image result for ren luyu          Ren Luyu

Image result for hua luogeng   Hua Luogeng,

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Jihong Lu loves cheerful music,
so does Xuejian Li,

in our life,
the berry could be our mental block if not taken nicely

when people sing opera,
they sing history and lessons

so, Yan Weiwen and Ding Xiaojun may be lucky,
yet, Zhou Yuanyuan and Zhang Hui make huge good impression

thousands of years,
mountain high and sea wide crowds

when your name is picked,
your spirit is lifted up

I hear Xiao Ya, xie Tao, Tao Ma, Xu Sianggang,
I hear Yu Kuizhi, Zhu Hong, Yu Sheng, Yan Zhao...

when Donald Trump,  Kenneth Hansen, Vanessa Haydon, and Peng Chuanxian relate,
Yang Yang, Yang Mimi, Peng Chuanbing, Xu zhaoer, and Kong qiangjiao relate too

it is snowing,
Lilyn Cheekawood, San Francisco, Wu Aime, and Eric Wood won't drive

I put up a Christmas tree, a cute reindeer,
they light up spirits of the Wanyu household, including Sheng, Tom, Jane, and Hangjiu....

maybe tomorrow the sun will go up,
maybe tomorrow Florida's hot waves will blow to Sam Lux, Hannah Kloppenburg's home

Maybe Ada Atwood know who is Sasha obama,
maybe Huang Wenfan and Deng Bo know when Quinnlan Tuttle smile

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