Friday, October 28, 2016

short story slam week 55,

Black & White Wednesday ~ In the Grass 

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P is for Pumpkin! 
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art round a pole... 

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Wordle 271 


physical plants
wild bunnies sit in grass, witch watching

pumpkins and jack o glows
girls climb the poles to entertain

bouncing balls
talents show and tell

the way a relation thrive 
is the way we stay in our domain

protected delve
awaking souls from Philipines

Xu Jingbo, Shi Hao, Anpei, Zhang Xiaohe, He Long,
they echo voice from He Hongmei, Wu Jian, Chen Bing

opera sings look fresh
old faithful agess with Liang Yushu and Xie Yunxia

when Rentington Manor, Rebecca Sharp, and Ryan Hass hear a loud noise,
they stop sleeping, turning Honolulu and Pacific ocean Orange

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