Friday, August 26, 2016

Signs, unreadable, mellow yellow, frog feature, short story slam week 51,

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frog feature... 
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Unreadable signs
Green frog misses days of tadpole tails

Crescent moon
one of those frogs fly highsong

Goshen music center
Girls rest near Goshen city, Indianna

Gansu Provence,  Lanzhou city,
Long stretched noodles invade beijing market

Google shelsgtcomputing,
MIT and Georgia Tech math speaking

Zhiwu and Yingjie invite San Francisco
  Sofia Samatar, Roger N. Beachy reside Rochester

Walters family, Oneok inc. gallery,
E. L. & Thelma Gaylord, John and Eleanor Kirkpatric

Kerr McGee and Sam Noble,
Devon energy and Nazih Zuhdi science

Greenboro college and carolina,
Greenwood of Michael and Anne, tennis court

short story slam week 51: touch the sky dreams, 8/18/2016---9/4/2016
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G stands for Google,  Gansu, Goshen University

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Monday, August 1, 2016

news flash, short story slam week 49

EE examiner-enterprise
Stenson wins with Mickelson,
Limestone pharmacy
Nathan Thompson, Lisa Dillman

Tango En Houston
G. T. Bynum, Karime Estraba
Buscas Cuidado Dental Para Tus Hijos, kids dental

The Shawnee News-Star
Kent Bush, Donald Trump, Michael Pence,
Kickapoo casino

Hughes Lumber
Aldi food
Homeland food

Chshing citizen
pump price in Oklahoma among nationa's lowest
state moms lead to goal through text4baby
Jim Perry reports Spring dental function

The Ada news
Carl Lewis, Eric Swanson, Larry Ensminger,
Arvest bank

The Konawa leader
angela cohan, angaia downing, dale alspach, alan noell
area nursing
nani pybus, tim passmore, lily passmore, o'neil garcia

The seminole producer
kids playground swings new spirits
Bie Bing Er, Yan She Zhi, Dai Yonghui, Shuai Yue E, Peng Cai Ping, Zhang Ping E
lots of folks from India and Japan

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