Monday, July 4, 2016

Ruby Tuesday, Sunday Whirl, Shadow Shot Sunday, Art Memory, ABc Wednesday, and short story slam week 47, freedom and flagship

beach box door... 

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beach box doors and mobox resort
moire shelter and tom abbye foto tunes
skylar grey and blue
invisible touch and visual cure
facebook and youtube
yahoo seals deals with yan yan meiji
smoking or drinking, they serve as FineArts or YanArts
lady cross Beayoomanis lake
flames of freedom shine through deep waters
a grey crane stands,
thinking deep and flying high
the end of world cold war is here
we speak and pray, we march down the Wall street
we put our right fists up
we swear our mind into American freedom flame
order from East coast and plans from Middle east or Europe is scaring
we stay put, we stay calm, and we ground our belief and trust 
only through thomas jefferson and george washington
we hold American constitution and say "no" to prostitution
don't transpassing too far
never use threats against individual freedom
an agreement is signed without third party,
which is cool
a relation is formed by one sided will,
which may lose its balance of acts
all souls shall stay relatively distant
and you stalk, with spirits, not with a pistle
a mother screams for pain
the son has gone to heaven
not a president's fault,
yet, it is at the cost of your decision
 just be nice, just be respective,
world peace is what we vote for, 

so you think you can decide,
but you know, others who are offended also decide

a school enrolls with background and credits
a citizen enrolls with some kindness and embrace
yandex, yalu river, yarns for sweaters,
yahoo tech, youtube video shows, you, can, do peace
Wordle 255 


stars and shadows... 

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