Thursday, April 28, 2016

short story slam week 43


Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Morton Owens ( 莫言) is award winning,
Moscow Russia (莫斯科) is mind blowing

Figure skating,
Ice, Music, Jumps, Dance, and Jazz, figure 8 shapes are great.

Tao Theory (陶渊明) is equivalent to Kong theory (叶圣陶),
Yan Logic ( 颜令宾) seems obtaining growth under William Payley Theory (李商隐),

Think of fuji apples,
the crunchy taste wins over Gala Smith, at times

Huang River (卫玠) has so rich knowledge base behind Mao Prose (李师师),
Han Water ( 毛嫱) always balloons my dreams through Chex Utah Salt (王维),

sorry for the mess,
I decide to quit typing

music is always our cello string
Chamber, Solo, Orchestra, wow...Samantha Jiwa Murphy wins

let's walk,
let's fall silent

songs of Anton Reicha, Leos Janacek, Ludwig Thuille, Carl Rath ring,
my bell for the day goes into Sexton Brin's dust bin

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