Sunday, March 27, 2016

a distinct story, yet to be revealed by obama here, good luck

many folks cry
because they wish to get wet, then dry

many friends vent
because they feel uneasy about a small puppy of a former mate

many waters stir
due to current circumstances around our universal atomasphere

today, i write down a few foreign friends,
so that you wish to get in touch and feel the distant touches

keep faith,
stay cool about other peoples' trust

yingjie liu // ailing gong
(刘应杰) // (共爱玲)
their offspring sing orchestra from north to south....
 via Fen Qiu, Michelle Valpiani, Amy Liu, Brittany Cremmen, and Darosa Lopes, Ben Loper

Dehua Wang // Wei Zhang
王德华 ) // (张伟)
their relatives spread places as Mike Simon, Mrsdana Fortun, Dana Fortun, Yu Wang, Diane Yan, Tyler Page, Alex Hu,

Xiaofeng Zhu // Jia Wang
(朱晓峰) // (王嘉)
smart couple,  beautiful children under as Daniel Laurino, Ninglin Zhu, Change Ma, Hong Yuan,
Matthew Hsu, Darren Zouzounis, Emily Yang,Sasha Blair,

Danping Peng // Ningning Zhou
(彭丹萍)  // (周宁宁)
relatives of them constitute profound spirits, Ningning Peng, Luck Fang, Jipeng Qian,
Jim Fang, Lisa Qian, Danping Fang, Sophie Peng,Amy Steinberg

Jiangsheng You // Libo Wang
(尤江生) //  (王立波)
Fudan university, lovely sheen on Jingsheng You, Dmitry Zaikin, Bo Hong,
Jiang Yu, Xuhong Wang, Zhangcheng Wu, Marianno Wilson,

Bingyan Yan (Beng Yan)  //  Kristopher Kim (Stenn Salvesen)
(颜丙燕) //( 颜回)
favorites of Confucians, and having pure talented actors and actress as Bengyue Yan, Zhuo Zhu,
Kris Kim, Ping Yan, Jing Yan, Shiouyin Houng-Yan, Jialin Yan, Bingchao Yan, and Bing Yamn

at last, we find some rare friends who enjoy robinsons and obamas, including clintons and bushes

jiahong wu // ji yan
( 吴家宏) //  (彭于晏)
these two paired up like crazy, and their children are Rosella Boomer, Erin Kobertis, Aris Peng,
Lucy Yuwin, Alan Carlson, Chris Wu, Jingle Yan, and Vetetian Peng, Honglan Kong, Kat Wilkerson

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