Tuesday, February 23, 2016

short story slam week 39, do Abbie Farr, Sierra Madre, Carolyn Tschida, and Dawn Harper Relate to Valerie Cheney?

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

trees have branches,
leaves have skins and bones

people have brains,
children have dreams

Never panic
when a stranger knocks at your door and claim you as a family folk

due to our research from Omaha and Hartfort,
a member who seems alien could be your distant brother or sister

this does happen to George Bush partner Dick Cheney, Alex Flecker,
Abbie Farr, Sierra Madre, Carolyn Tschida, and Dawn Harper Relate to Valerie Cheney here

toys are made of plsatic
money is made from intelligence of your parents

cars are made of metals
drivers are human being with driving records and wit

due to circumstances and unique situations,
William Adams, Wanda Pruitt, Mae Cheney, Deloris Harper relate to Bonhomme Florestal

further more, you may find that Aaron Yaros, Marlond Thomas, Veleerie Taylor relate,
Ryan Cheney, Rose Chaney, dianne Cheney, Richard Ralph, Dean Napolitano relate

at last, not to be restricted, Drew Gilpin, Ann Blair, Yaqiong Xu, Janet Hui relate,
Paul Ryan, Norman Dondero, Thomas Cade, Phil Davis, Rachel Peng, and Ella Wu relate

anyone could be a friend,
yet, we all stay clean, but also connect online to aid 

stories grow out of sea water,
Mira Singer feels good about Jingle Yan, Jia-An Yan since her father is Yosemite Eric Alani
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

regardless what is happenng, we promote smart guys, professional faculty here

beside faculty and staff from ossm, under frank wag,
lifan liu, chris shrock, nathan wood, and rebecca morrison,
we do values support from Amy loper, jill Hill, and eric schmidt

more people are listed below:

 Morton Horwitz
Julie Suk
Guhan Subramanian
Seth Stoughton
Leo Strine
Alan Noell
Alan Stone
matt Stephenson
Henry Steiner
David Shapiro
mimi schapiro
julio marie ottino
alicia leoffer
hal scott
frank sander
kevin russell
william rubenstein
joost pauwelyn
thomas newman
sharon jacobs
peter-barton hutt
sheila heen
bruce hay
jon hanson
annette gordon-reed
shaun goho
robert myers
robert george
anne fleming
william fisher
luca enriques
bejin wojin
anne wojcicki
susan wojcincki
bala dharan
glen cohen
julie cohen
emilu claudia
travis coan
bill alford
deborah anker
james baker
brad adams
lama abu-odeh
david maher
marty walsh
david ige
david lassner
kirk caldell
peter constantin
engler hans
ken hanson
steve jobs
steve wonizak
jack ma
bill gates
melind gates
ani ajit
jian cao
natalie furnetts
rick scott
amy storm
kathleen wilson
ann hargis
matt schapiro
ruibo li
mark li
weiping li
anne raun
kate raun
chris raun
tonya jones
jason cox
tanya raun
chris raun
neel rao
o'neal garcia
chelsea clinton

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A story on distant cousin Songzhi Hu, relating to Haifeng Hu, Fei Yang

why do i need to write your name down?
if not, you frown

because I used to eat at a relative's home,
and their food is notably profound

growing up near Han river,
I never regret that Yuanhe and Zhonghe do matter

my grandmother is traditional,
my grandfather is theoratical

tracing my childhood experiences,
i agree to map out some favorable places....

when you read my story,
you shall appreciate Jianli, Mian Yang, Gaoxiong, or Tianmen county

Wenai Zhao   ||  Xuetao Hu
wife and husband bear a child Huaqiao Hu (Wei Zhao)
which is a legacy to Haifeng Hu

Yongcai Yang || Huaqiao Hu
man and woman has rich production during 1960-1969
five children comes, Songzhi Hu, Qunzhi Yang, Qingming Yang, Guoping Yang, Qun E Yang

Songzhi Hu || Jiuxiang Cai
they produce Lin Hu (Beth Cai) and Qiao Hu ( Asya Cai)

when Qingming Yang || Mei E Peng
we know the products are Mimi Yang (Guandrum Peng) and Sansan Yang (Lexus Peng)

Vienna Yan || Quinlan Yang
their story is forgotten, but their offspring revive
our pages with Yongcai Yang (Courtney Ryan) and Wuzi Yang (Mathis Rylant)
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 Image result for vienna

Vienna Yan  || Quinlan Yang                                 Wenai Zhao  ||  Xuetao Hu
                     !                                                                             !
                     !                                                                              !
        Yongcai Yang                                                             Huaqiao Hu
        Wuzi Yang

                                    Yongcai Yang ||  Huaqiao Hu
                                             Songzhi Hu
                                             Qunzhi Yang
                                             Qingming Yang
                                             Guoping Yang
                                             qun E Yang

Songzhi Hu ||  Jiuxiang Cai                             Qingming Yang || Mei E Peng
                    !                                                                              !
                     !                                                                             !
              Lin Hu                                                                 Sansan Yang
              Qiao Hu                                                               Mimi Yang

we relate Lin Hu, Qiao Hu, Sansan Yang, Mimi Yang to Haifeng Hu, Fei Yang, Yuanpei Cai,
Dehuai Peng, Zhongqiang Zhao, Pan Yan............thanks

research information rooted from Michelle Guan, Lu Xun, Mucun Guan, Moye Guan, Mo Yan