Tuesday, January 19, 2016

firestone tire and battery service

before Sam Walton invents Walmart,
There is a Murphy USA oil and Burger King lunch snack

before Walt Disney builds Magical kingdom and Epcot,
Thomas Boone Pickens promotes Clean Energy from Dallas, Texas

Before George Walker Bush becomes a republican president,
Laura Welch Bush has "The Hungry Caterpillar" books promoted

after 8 years of Barack Obama and 8 years of Bill Clinton,
we face challenges and questions of Xi Jinping, Shizo Abe, and John Handcock

Today, when i drive pass Firestone service center,
I discover some Rachael cooking tips, and a Sam water bottle, for free

As David Mooneyhan sells healthy watermelon in his Perkins shop,
Dustin, Jim, Chris fixes Ji Yan's 2011 Honda Civic car

the family video shop next door is cool,
nothing disturbs Bridgestone crew

since the car is perfect in motion,
we say thanks to Ottis Lewis, Jim Butts, Jason Virdin, Todd Cox, Steven Cline,

and Bryan Douglas Hall,
I do hear Frank Huang's mother, and i do send my blessing to Mariano Robinson

many years of living,
lots of people, products, food, and traveling

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Monday, January 4, 2016

short story slam week 36

tracing from left
right, the romance poet
searches for her moment
wings flapping up
and down, the wild geese
glides for his island
sitting still all day
the pale crane hungers for
the day's fishy prey
long black curling hair
in piggy tail, bunching up for
spring lily
anticipating treats from
nowhere, baby Laura braves
for a magical carpet