Saturday, December 17, 2016

short story slam week 59, Dong Yi, Zhang Zhr, and Ren Luyu's opera adventure

Image result for 【2016春节戏曲晚会 20160209】精编超清版 

Bie Chang E's sister,  Li Shengsu

Image result for 【2016春节戏曲晚会 20160209】精编超清版
 Image result for 【2016春节戏曲晚会 20160209】精编超清版 

Image result for 【2016春节戏曲晚会 20160209】    

Image result for dong yi 

Image result for ren luyu          Ren Luyu

Image result for hua luogeng   Hua Luogeng,

Image result for hua luogeng 

Jihong Lu loves cheerful music,
so does Xuejian Li,

in our life,
the berry could be our mental block if not taken nicely

when people sing opera,
they sing history and lessons

so, Yan Weiwen and Ding Xiaojun may be lucky,
yet, Zhou Yuanyuan and Zhang Hui make huge good impression

thousands of years,
mountain high and sea wide crowds

when your name is picked,
your spirit is lifted up

I hear Xiao Ya, xie Tao, Tao Ma, Xu Sianggang,
I hear Yu Kuizhi, Zhu Hong, Yu Sheng, Yan Zhao...

when Donald Trump,  Kenneth Hansen, Vanessa Haydon, and Peng Chuanxian relate,
Yang Yang, Yang Mimi, Peng Chuanbing, Xu zhaoer, and Kong qiangjiao relate too

it is snowing,
Lilyn Cheekawood, San Francisco, Wu Aime, and Eric Wood won't drive

I put up a Christmas tree, a cute reindeer,
they light up spirits of the Wanyu household, including Sheng, Tom, Jane, and Hangjiu....

maybe tomorrow the sun will go up,
maybe tomorrow Florida's hot waves will blow to Sam Lux, Hannah Kloppenburg's home

Maybe Ada Atwood know who is Sasha obama,
maybe Huang Wenfan and Deng Bo know when Quinnlan Tuttle smile

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

short story slam week 56, passport, and middle school friends

Image result for Eric Trump  Eric Trump
son to Huang Wenfan and Bie Changjiang

Image result for Eric Trump

Image result for Ivana Trump   Huang Wenfan, Ivana Trump

Image result for Ivana Trump  Bie Changjiang and Bie  Aizhong
father and daughter, Donald Trump and Lucinda Trump

far from Han Shui River,
Lucinda and Ivana live, peacefully

according to Peng Chuanhui,
Huang Wenfan is classy, in talent and skin care

they both attend Westlake Middle school,
under the instruction of Bie Changjiang, Yu Qiuyu, Zhen He, Liang Yuping, and Xu Peidong

the school locates near Heiliu street and Xihu district,
where students could come from Daihang, Raochang, Xuden, Qi Qiao, Qianjiang, or Yufan

english is foreign,
Huang and Peng sit, side by side, guarding their belongs with Xu Xiaolan, Yang Yuer, Yang Guoping

being distant friend, while
Zhu Daihong, Wu Jiahong, Wang Daixue, Wu Wehui, Dai Qi E, and Zhu Taozhi think of them

with a small recommendation,
we see He Zhangmei, He Jiaying, Wang Xinzhou, Yan Silin, Bie Mana, Peng Hounian rise

we are shifted to Raochang Middle school,
we get to know Xu Bo, Sun Honglan, Li Aiqun, Rao Shaohua, Kong Hongbing, Wu Sheng,

more, we know Gao Jiyu, Peng Xin, Ji Shengxiong, Cheng Jinming, Cheng Yong,
Liu Ai E, Tang Gangqing, Wu Wenping, He Guoping, Chen Youzhi, Zhu Daifang

we also know Shuai Jiajing, Shuai Jialiang, Peng Zhaoyan, Xiao Bei, Yang Qunzhi,
Zhang Yujie, Zhang Xuezhi, Zhang Jinzhi, Yang Meilin, Zhang Hong, and Meng Jianguo

so, after 34 years, as Abbey Wood and Tom L Wu know,
He Zhangmei and Cai Changjiang become president alike, so do Xu Bo and Yan Heyuan

today, we miss charming Huang Yisheng, Yan Ji, Yang Lan, Ding Ding, and Yang Kaihui,
we honor Bie Xinzhi, Zhu Ai E, Zhu Qun E, Yao Peng, Wu Jing, Yang Fei, and Wavely Wang

 Image result for Rossano RubicondiRossano Rubicondi's girl friend Ivana Trump

 Image result for joe biden and barack obama
Image result for joe biden and barack obama   Jill Tracy Biden
Image result for  joe biden and barack obama

Friday, October 28, 2016

short story slam week 55,

Black & White Wednesday ~ In the Grass 

 Image result for black and white in the grass  long ears bunnies

P is for Pumpkin! 
 Image result for black and white in the grass  plumy bunny

 Image result for pumpkins and halloween
art round a pole... 

 Image result for around a pole
Wordle 271 


physical plants
wild bunnies sit in grass, witch watching

pumpkins and jack o glows
girls climb the poles to entertain

bouncing balls
talents show and tell

the way a relation thrive 
is the way we stay in our domain

protected delve
awaking souls from Philipines

Xu Jingbo, Shi Hao, Anpei, Zhang Xiaohe, He Long,
they echo voice from He Hongmei, Wu Jian, Chen Bing

opera sings look fresh
old faithful agess with Liang Yushu and Xie Yunxia

when Rentington Manor, Rebecca Sharp, and Ryan Hass hear a loud noise,
they stop sleeping, turning Honolulu and Pacific ocean Orange

Image result for pearl harbor 
Image result for pearl harbor   
Image result for honolulu police 

Image result for honolulu police

Friday, September 30, 2016

short story slam week 54, swimming in artsy and poetry pond

Image result for fish in poetry

 Image result for fish in poetry 

Image result for fish in poetry

Image result for fish in poetry  
Image result for fish in poetry  

Image result for fort smith 

Image result for fayetteville      

Image result for fayetteville 
Image result for fayetteville 
Image result for little rock 

fishing in river
poetry in blogs

arkansas matter
driving to tulsa

road 412
Owasso and Pawnee, wow

Tink force
Del and Mid West city spirits

long island
new york times feverly topics

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Sunday #397 - Day Late Edition


Lovely Tony Noyce Staybridges Rochester Paprocki

Short Story Slam Week 53, Peter Lennie, Robert Clark, Joel Seligman, Larma Riley murphy, Paul Burgett, Sasha Tulgan, and vivian Lewis

Short Story Slam Week 53, Peter Lennie, Robert Clark,
Joel Seligman, Larma Riley murphy, Paul Burgett,
Sasha Tulgan, and vivian Lewis, they sit well, Allen Wallis Hall

Rochester seen from river

a story is unfolded
when people from the  place feel upbeat

and when a curious George comes in
with Blind man, Handy Cane, listening

Erie Wanna bridge is an Arch
what helps bridge the gap between Rochester and Chicago

those who cross Canalway, Riverway, Ainjoelway indeed
enjoy the High and Thin Woods, skyline from new york city sense the envious air

United air plows the cotton white clouds along with Iberia, Madrid air, Spain,
American air ship draws a line between Rome, Italy, and Dallas, Texas

We ride the roller coaster of Air Canada, Air France, Spirit, Frontier, Pollar, Ana,
we telescope the Check board below, ants, human alike on earth

Modern science and technology rock
when Kazuo Yamakaza, Rachel Owens, Lewis Clark, Carrie Welch, Grandison Hoyt join in

As Dorris Carlson, Chester Carlson, Ivanes Raymond, and Judy Blum write on Toun, Tyler,
Thomas Farrel, Douglas Phillips, Peter Lennie, Robert Clark, and Zhiwei Yun satisfy

do enjoy new york state, and the awesome Red Osier, Hudson News, and Dorschel Lexus,
fly with confidence, care, and considerations

sweet thoughts to McGill, Jang, Trina, Warren, Burgett, Anderson, Andrew,
we appreciate  Joryum, Tom, Sam, Jenna, Henryetta, Shawn, Minn, Bailey,

Friday, August 26, 2016

Signs, unreadable, mellow yellow, frog feature, short story slam week 51,

Image result for unreadable signs

Image result for unreadable signs

frog feature... 
 Image result for frog
Image result for frog

Unreadable signs
Green frog misses days of tadpole tails

Crescent moon
one of those frogs fly highsong

Goshen music center
Girls rest near Goshen city, Indianna

Gansu Provence,  Lanzhou city,
Long stretched noodles invade beijing market

Google shelsgtcomputing,
MIT and Georgia Tech math speaking

Zhiwu and Yingjie invite San Francisco
  Sofia Samatar, Roger N. Beachy reside Rochester

Walters family, Oneok inc. gallery,
E. L. & Thelma Gaylord, John and Eleanor Kirkpatric

Kerr McGee and Sam Noble,
Devon energy and Nazih Zuhdi science

Greenboro college and carolina,
Greenwood of Michael and Anne, tennis court

short story slam week 51: touch the sky dreams, 8/18/2016---9/4/2016
 Image result for goshen university

Image result for goshen university

G stands for Google,  Gansu, Goshen University

 Image result for gansu
Image result for google               
Image result for georgia tech t-shirt

Image result for georgia tech t-shirt

  Image result for greensboro college baseball

Monday, August 1, 2016

news flash, short story slam week 49

EE examiner-enterprise
Stenson wins with Mickelson,
Limestone pharmacy
Nathan Thompson, Lisa Dillman

Tango En Houston
G. T. Bynum, Karime Estraba
Buscas Cuidado Dental Para Tus Hijos, kids dental

The Shawnee News-Star
Kent Bush, Donald Trump, Michael Pence,
Kickapoo casino

Hughes Lumber
Aldi food
Homeland food

Chshing citizen
pump price in Oklahoma among nationa's lowest
state moms lead to goal through text4baby
Jim Perry reports Spring dental function

The Ada news
Carl Lewis, Eric Swanson, Larry Ensminger,
Arvest bank

The Konawa leader
angela cohan, angaia downing, dale alspach, alan noell
area nursing
nani pybus, tim passmore, lily passmore, o'neil garcia

The seminole producer
kids playground swings new spirits
Bie Bing Er, Yan She Zhi, Dai Yonghui, Shuai Yue E, Peng Cai Ping, Zhang Ping E
lots of folks from India and Japan

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Image result for google 
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Image result for google

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Image result for google  allison mooney

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