Saturday, November 21, 2015

shadow shot sunday, six word saturday, black lake haiku, and weekend town photos

 the old faithful, the most famous geyser, 
yellow stone park, teton county, Wyoming

Old Glory 

Six Word Saturday

I Count My Blessings, Today, Tomorrow 

 My Memory Art
Kind Words Walk,  Sweet Smiles Spread

Carpe Diem #863 Black Lake (Khar Us

Thinking of Old Faithful Geyser, I claim to be the one,
Seeing the water erupting, I become a Wyoming sun,
after the day falls quiet, I imagine myself as a breeze, and
when a rooster begins to crow, I know it is Dawn coming

I am a thinking machine, that's for a good reason

when Boomer lake wells up, I am the full moon,
when black and white photo develops in a dark room, i am the magician,
when I reach the cloud and fly south for a winter migration,
I realize that freedom is always my life time passion

I am thinking of airplanes, that's a thing for moving

under the similar concept of inner peace, friendship, signs of shadow and rain,
huge emotion restores within, only pour out from some time duration...
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Comfort Food [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

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george street 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

short story slam week 32: unexpected quotes

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 a handbook from Vanderbilt University is nice,
that tells a story of a young high school senior's dreams,
a dream can be landed in Nashville, Tennessee,...

a Harvard student agrees with scientific formulas,
a MIT graduate has fun inventing wind mills,
a Northwestern freshman hopes to know economic theory,

my dream is to travel all over the world,
that's why I attend high school from north Dongting Lake,
and join Wuzi university at Peking city

Tom Steveshen dreams about computer science,
that's why he rejects Princeton Review's recommendation,
and opts on UCLA, CALtech, VU, UT at Texas, or UB at San Francisco

it seems like the cats at Memphis is cute,
cats from Yale university is cuter,
ans kittens from UCO is cutest

just kidding,
we do love Gators from University of Florida,
and we do seek permissions from U-Penn from Philadelphia.

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