Saturday, October 24, 2015

short story slam week 31 and six word saturday

during my sleep last night, I hear lots of people, everyone exams someone else's pockets,
making arrangements trying to connect, so that the porridge is mixed, and  the taste is fair

when Charles Brown draws his favorite cartoon, he thinks of those lords
who disagree, thus he adds dark haired witches, bold head Australians, and yellow
haired Koreans, or headless ghosts

I read so many people, accepting too many philosophy, yet I wake up at Quizinos,
looking at a big box of tiny sandwiches, and feeling the urge to eat one, yet
I am forced to sit, without doing or eating, and I swallow a big round peach, and
use my painted figures picking up mixed nuts from planter, all occur
natural and the dream is real, I am space traveling to WITCHLAND
and get too many visual dots on my face...Jenny Matlock won't continue her short story 
collection, Missy Storm quits, glad that Michelle Wallace joins us.
Six Word Saturday at  Show My Face.

Oops. I have burned my mittens