Monday, May 4, 2015

Larry Tomlinson Nguyen Bridge (world peace business act year number 4)

Kirk, Freeman, Thomas, Vinco, Perkins, Hays,
Delicious Williams food trays,
Tyron, Guthrie, Coyle, Carney, Berry, Bethany,
awesome Yayas Place country kitchen pancakes.
Addies place of Conoco hears Sheng Cheng,
Iowa nation listens to Lucy Dallas,
Cindy and Jennifer order Lincoln County News,
Angela, Kim, Kari, Talon, Elizabeth, and Sam read Perkins Journal.
An escape to the Greenland,
A way to cross the magpie gap,
Larry Tomlinson Nguyen bridge,
Sheryl Jobs speaks of cuckoo bird language.
when the world goes messy,
we seek peace by looking at beautiful waters,
when the stress piles mountain high,
we dare to fly and broaden our vision worldwide.
peace is our ideals,
peace is love,
peace is our inner desires,
peace is tolerance.