Monday, February 23, 2015

the world outside of the box

don't yield to the space of the box,
which seems occupying everything,
your tears and everyone else's sadness.
let yourself go light,
and empty the box.
take all tools out of her,
and give them to a gardner,
so that she can plant some seeds.
paint your box with Sherwin-Williams paints,
and let it soak in lots of sunshine.
Stuff the box with google green robots,
and send the box else where using Priority Air Mail.
Tracking the box with a 13-digit Number,
File a complaint against USPS if the box is returned.
To play with the box more,
Make a fox wear it on its head,
and have it on Fox News of Baltmore.
Be your own boss,
never allow a small box fool the mass.

an award from poetry rally week 80, wow..............

for week 81, i wish to nominate   Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley Wojcicki

and   pd lyons poetry