Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Grand Name Flow of Travel Lodges: Elm, Malia, Sasha, Peoria, Mingo, Yale, and Sheridan

It's March 15th, 2014,
Tom Mash has to party at Lewis Street, Perkins,
With friends Rylan Carney, Mathis Cogan, Chelsea Busch, Tuzo Layoton, Chris Raun until 10pm,
A busy day filled with packing and online researches,

Copies of driving directions and attractions printed out ahead,
When we're finally ready to leave,
It's 11pm and the day begins to rain,
Smooth sailing along 12th & 51th street,
Passing Keystone dam,
a left turn to East 422, then North 75....

Garnett, Memorial, Sheridan, Yale, Harvard, Lewis, Elm, Peoria, Evans, Steven, Fred, Ebonie, Sally,
Olive, Mingo, Beth, Margaret, Willia, Larea, Roy, Dorothy, Janell, Marjorie, Randel, Phyllis, Edna,
Names shuffle and streets alter,
We exit at Tulsa Airport Terminal and on our right upper corner,
Near Apache and Virgin Road, we see Hilton Hotel.

Room 230, midnight time,
Anxious mindset, hours sleep,
Expectations and places fly over,
I see Newark, Princeton, Scranton, Dunmore, New Brunswick, Philadelphia, Manhathan, New York,
UPenn, Marywood University, Yale University, Boston University, Brown university, NY University,
trains, cars, airplanes, taxi, subway or sky link cargoes,
clouds, sunshine, snows, rains, wet or dry.

We always have fun to fly
and intake contrasting views in sight,
To unwind and feel the relaxation more,
We also recall Utah mountains, Snowbirds, Colorado Deserts, Kahuku Wind, San Diego Lego lands,
including Arches National Park, Albany Zoo, Nordie Windpower, Solar City, Kenosh products,
our spirits will never disconnect with Houston, Washington, New Orleans, Florence, Tampa,
Tucson, Guthrie, Denver, Boulder, Boston, Evanston, Cincinati, Seattle, Stillwater, Malia and Sasha.

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