Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Peacock Country: A Make Believe or Pretending (Pretending = Jia Zhuang)

Peacock =Kong Que

I know how disputes enter the room,
Way too quickly,
Eyes popping on the target like roses,
Tensions build up in the power of volcanoes.
The news we put out, common, reassuring,
Each plays one's own favorite music,
Hidden images, mixed with
tricky idiocy of black forests,
Remain mystery.
It's hard to compare two birds
based on what they believe,
There are differences between what's shown
and what's laid out through cracks
of magician's mind.
We see a glimpse of them,
They see not us,
They walk as ghosts,
being labeled as peacock country...
We withdraw, pretending we don't care.

Image Credit: Google.com