Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Love (Tian Mi De Ai), Love=Ai=Ay(a), Sweet=Tian Mi

Morning is sweet,
Noon is great,
But sweeter the evenings
I spend with you.
Pure warm is the day time,
Day spent alone,
when the o’clock turns 4:30pm,
I know you'll come along.
Love is the password,
Woman and man-
One plus one is one untied couple,
Love ties us together again,  again.


  1. writing itself is a gift.

    shallow people say: look, you write too much and fake everything,

    deep and good people say: see, she is talented and appear creative and positive,

    it takes talent to write various topics and showcase poetry forms.

  2. lovely theme,

    love = aya wilson, wow.

  3. Aya Wilson =Love, Talent, Beauty, and Energy...

  4. love is sweet, like a rose, way to go, aya Wilson.

  5. only two lovers can unlock the door and enter the godly beauty in between.

    a marriage without responsibility and normal interaction is sick. lust is not love, greed is not love.


    lovely, I nominate you for week 76 perfect poet award.