Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iron Is The Winter (Iron =Tie)

Halloween = Gui' Jie =Wan' Sheng ' Jie

Iron is the 4th season of the year,
Caged at the house of fear
where summers are escaped,
and springs are freed.
Ice is the offspring of December,
Hard as steel,
Not reliable as substance of water,
We hold our breath, sacred and still.
Spring is the comer that melts the snow,
Rebirth is the way to conquer iron winter,
When seeds peek at the sun in soil,
The smell of coldness and earth will turn holy.

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The Peacock Country: A Make Believe or Pretending (Pretending = Jia Zhuang)

Peacock =Kong Que

I know how disputes enter the room,
Way too quickly,
Eyes popping on the target like roses,
Tensions build up in the power of volcanoes.
The news we put out, common, reassuring,
Each plays one's own favorite music,
Hidden images, mixed with
tricky idiocy of black forests,
Remain mystery.
It's hard to compare two birds
based on what they believe,
There are differences between what's shown
and what's laid out through cracks
of magician's mind.
We see a glimpse of them,
They see not us,
They walk as ghosts,
being labeled as peacock country...
We withdraw, pretending we don't care.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Love (Tian Mi De Ai), Love=Ai=Ay(a), Sweet=Tian Mi


Morning is sweet,
Noon is great,
But sweeter the evenings
I spend with you.
Pure warm is the day time,
Day spent alone,
when the o’clock turns 4:30pm,
I know you'll come along.
Love is the password,
Woman and man-
One plus one is one untied couple,
Love ties us together again,  again.

Friday, October 19, 2012

At the Personal Showing in 1961 By Matt Daisy Edison

This loving attention to the details:
Faces by Bosch and Breughel,
the melange of torture tools,
the carpentry of the stake,
the Catherine wheel,
the bars, spires, gibbets, pikes-
I confess my heart sank
when they brought out the second reel...
Anorectic Jeanne d’Arc,
how long it takes her
to burn to death in this picture!
when monks fast, it is called ascetic.
The film beamed on the dining room wall
of an old red brick
undergoing gentrification on Capital Hill,
glass shards and daffodils
on alternate lawns,
harpsichord, bare board table,
Cheese, nuts, jug wine.
and how is any of this
different today,
except now in color, and talky-
this prurient close
examination of pain,
fanaticism, terror?

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth =Five Elements (Wu Shing) =Jin, Moo, Shui, Huo, Too!

The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine or Middle Kingdom Medical Practice:

The five elements, also called "Wu Xing" or “Wu Shing”, represent the processes that are fundamental to the cycles of nature, and therefore correspond to the human body.

The Chinese term "xing" (shing)  means the process of one thing acting upon another. In relation to the five elements, the cycle of processes can be represented as:

Wood feeds fire

Fire creates ashes which form earth
Inside the earth, metal which is heated liquids and produces water vapor
Water generated then nourishes the trees, or wood


The five elements (Wu Shing), their characteristics, and their inter-relationships with the body can be defined as:

 Gold->Wood->Water->Fire->Earth  (The Correct Order)
  Jin->Moo->Shui->Huo->Too (The precise order)

Gold or Metal (Jin)

As a conductor, this element includes the lungs (yin), which move vital energy throughout the body, and the large intestine (yang), which is responsible for receiving and discharging waste. Sadness, or grieving is the emotion which creates imbalance within this element.

Wood (Mu)

Strong, rooted. The wood element represents the liver (yin), and the gall bladder (yang). The liver stores blood, and regulates the smooth flow of qi. The gallbladder is responsible for storing and excreting bile. Anger is the emotion that creates imbalance within the liver, while indecisiveness is relative to the gallbladder.

Water (Shui)
Wet, descending, flowing. The water element represents the urinary bladder (yang), and the kidney (yin). The bladder receives, stores, and excretes urine. Water metabolism dissipates fluids throughout the body, moistening it, then accumulating in the kidneys. The kidneys also store the essence, and serve as the root of yin and yang for the entire body. Fear and paranoia are the emotions which create imbalance within this element.

 Fire (Huo)
Hot, ascending, light and energy as embodied in the TCM functions of the heart (yin) and small intestine (yang). The fire element also affects the complementary organ processes of the pericardium (yin) and the triple warmer, which is representative of the upper, lower, and middle parts of the body, as well as the circulation of fluids in these areas (yang). Joy (overindulgence) is the emotion which creates imbalance within this element.

Earth (Tu)

Productive, fertile, growth. The earth element relates to the stomach (yang) and the spleen (yin). The stomach begins the process of digestive breakdown, while the spleen transforms and transports the energy from food and drink throughout the body. Pensiveness is the emotion which creates imbalance within this element.

PS: Learn more cchinese through the basics like these below:

Day = Tian, Daily = Mei Tian
Week=Sheng Qi, Weekly =Mei Lee Bai or Mei Zhou or Mei Sheng Qi,
Month=Yue, Monthly= Mei Yue
Year=Nian,  Yearly =Annually= Per Year =Mei Nian
County=Xian or Shawn, 
Province =Sheng=State=Zhou,  Stately =Zhou Ji, Group=Ji Tan
Country =Nation=Guo Jia,  National=Guo Jia De, International=Guo Ji De,
Each =Every =Mei Ge,                  Ly=Mei =Per
America =The United States of America =Beautiful Country =Mei Guo,
China=The People Republic of China =Zhong Guo =The Middle Kingdom

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Has Seen The Wind?


Three Word Wednesday: 3WW CCXCVIII

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor You.
Yet we all do
felt the moves under soft or piercing force
on the newest hairdo!
Cold breeze slices the brittle fever
through sheaths of early autumn,
crusty rustles from the north pole
tan the green leaves of summer
orange, grey, brown whenever opportunity comes.
No more unbearable steaming waves,
because October means the retreat of September,
Crows exploring the ripen field
of corns or pumpkins flee
when scarecrow is set up and stare!
Golden woods offers the dignity and mending
as charm of the willows is lacerated
by death in dramatic December,
the shift of the seasons becomes
more haunting at Halloween.
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I.
Things bear, grow, wither, and detach,
The life in the air activate time,
and we don't need to know why.

Tangled thoughts escape,
School time learning about wisdom,
Outside home mending.