Saturday, August 25, 2012

Walmart Is C-om-Mon, But Do You Remembering P-Ay-Less Shoe Source?

Are you Sears?
Someone eat Tom-A-Toes for beauty,
While others swallow school tools for Fu-N;
I used to fan-cy Payless Shoe Store,
Now I'm attracted to The Famous Footwear more;
When I see my grandma at her place,
I have to have rice as part of my dinner meal,
Giant seafood such as red lobsters are of great deal,
When I visit my mother's home for a change,
I have lots of green leaves and dairy food for exchange,
Lowe's is awesome,
Walmart is com-mon,
HEB is sure wholesome,
Best Buy and Belk are like fresh salmon,
New shopping malls appear creative like tomboys,
Glad to feel relaxed, I'm big girl, no more toys...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The History Poised (For Poetry Rally W70 and Short Story Slam W25 )

As if on the throat (yanhou) of the ocean floor,
Such chaste, wind is inkling
of soothing inlay, strange peace
buoys, more joyful then beer in mouth,
Modest as diamonds cased in boxes,
brighter than colors in enamel,
Tumult of swollen waters
by schools of fish bubbles
deep below, a distant blow,
contrasting the stiff air above,
Stubborn trees drop their arms,
ready for a mid-day nap,
The chugging tug pauses,
with time being palely suspended.
Waking up,
recalling the history
on some high volumes of bookshelf
in mind,
Not for the mentions,
But for the heart to
go over, evaluate, and
admire: the wisdom of balancing,
the history poised
in platinum pride,
With vulnerable equilibrium.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

His Phone Calls (Tade dyanhua)

He calls almost daily,
with me anticipated or not anticipated,
"Ya the mother (of my boys)?"
His first sentence always carried warmth,
Yeah, dear father of my kiddos,
I feel the connection and comfort
in your dialect and the way the phone rings,
I am part of you,
and you are part of me,
together we form such a great family,
I am encouraged when you care,
and when you make your words sweet and daring,
you are my darling and will always
be my love, yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
i love you, dearest hubby of red light,
you make my heart stop beating
whenever you are around, embracing
me and loving me, the way it is supposed to be.
Someone complains to get attention,
I love to be rewarded by God of my heart...

Image Credit:,, his phonecalls =tadedyanhua