Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inchy (On Shory Story Slam and Humor Prompts)

Let’s gather our matches,
The woods are out of patience.
The singing of the birds
Cheering up the morning
with encouraging sound
gives way to the burning sun.
What of the blooming birch resonant at dusk:
the strawberry?
the eggplant?
The well braided wig…?
The wrong connection you have gives you headaches,
Rebelling is meant to torture you, in return.

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  1. it's sad that some people never wake up...still trying to blindly live on someone else' pity...

    sadness will hit as consequences,

    if you are a woman who works hard to earn a position someone else has, if you consider that you are doing the right thing, but can barely win, then you are at the wrong side of the river...

    move on, connect to people who can honor you without being guilty of hurting their loved ones...

    otherwise, the tragedy you have created may hit you back, your daughter, your sister may end up as victims, becoming the curse of your errors and misconducts.

    bless all.

  2. you are right,

    some people won't learn their lessons and never truly cherish their innocent wife and children until it's too late.

    pain will strike right back to them, for their continued misconducts.

  3. Oh beautiful Helen, and very well written.

  4. yep have seen this one well written thank you x

  5. outstanding poetry and message.



  6. people do need to learn their lessons.

    when they make a wrong connection,
    they won't feel like appreciated much...

    this woman is super sick...
    she needs medical care...
    she has been bullying the entire community of the universe for 3 years...hate her bad mouth, always complain about the woman of her lover...sad case, sad fate...

    she must be day dreaming and without looking at people's eyes.

  7. Helen, you must continue your point of view.

    The one who runs magpie tale is an asian woman disguised as white, putting a green hat in her fictional husband's head every single day, dropping her pants for sex every day without feeling ashamed...

    everyone who supports her fucked her at least 12 times to be able to support her... she tried on my husband, sorry that she was rejected.

  8. incredible statements and inspirations.