Monday, July 30, 2012

Visualizations (Short Story Slam Week 23)

Katie Homles and Suri

"Girl Wins Love With Fairy Tales",

The major issue
of the subject
is the liar's
The audience
is a function
of group frequency.
And group frequency
is the spotlights
of emergency.
The celebrity
gets attention
by strength
and physical


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Imagination (Short Story Slam Week 23)


September rain pours down on everything,
The iron pot screams on the stove,
Grandma halts her jokes,
with a girl next to her, listening,
While grandma adds some freshly made noddles in,
the girl draws some clouds, an orchard,
and a rainbow that glitter in her head,
Fire burns like
a ballerina's dancing feet,
Silence, bitterish tears,
"time to eat,"
Says grandma,
But the girl keeps the train of thoughts in herself,
After she activates her imagery Heaven with a few friends,
She smiles, joining her grandma,
with a small bowl of noodle soup ...

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inchy (On Shory Story Slam and Humor Prompts)

Let’s gather our matches,
The woods are out of patience.
The singing of the birds
Cheering up the morning
with encouraging sound
gives way to the burning sun.
What of the blooming birch resonant at dusk:
the strawberry?
the eggplant?
The well braided wig…?
The wrong connection you have gives you headaches,
Rebelling is meant to torture you, in return.

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