Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Way She Thinks It's Okay Is NEVER OKAY! Give Me My Piece of Peace Today!

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I write these words because otherwise I’m never heard
The way her intentional mistakes stab me
The way she thinks it’s okay
The way I feel sudden rush of dizziness
The way I make everything okay in my head
My head cluttered, my world cluttered
My thoughts blurry
My heart sinks
I’m everywhere I’m nowhere … I’m here
Everything is clear
I hold everything dear
My love my life myself
Making my peace with my enemy
Making my peace with my home
Making my peace
I took my piece
She stole my piece
And all I want is the peace I deserve,
Misery eating my fame
My fame that Jesus framed in Heaven,
She blamed it,
She’s claiming it,
My name is victory
My victory is my ways
Every way that I make is a new way
The new path  to follow
The new problem I fix
And here I’m just sitting with my piece in space


  1. the darkness will always haunt Me,

    so sad that folks never mind other reality.

    I pray for my piece of piece,
    stay out of my territory ...

  2. yes, you shall speak up when it's necessary.


  3. Wonderful piece, could feel the peace in each piece. Beautiful use of words, great connections of thought here.

  4. Helen, this is a wonderful expression. Great job!