Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Parents as pure farmers in Hubei, China,
Justin studies hard at Zhanggang High School,
he made it to Beijing University, ranked #2,
directly promoted to graduate program
majoring in computational mathematics,
worked as an instructor at Beijing
Coming to University of Chicago for Ph. D...
his experiences show that
diligence plus intelligence =success.

Jiahong and his mother, at his home, Hubei, China, 2007

 Jiahong and Jingle's bedroom,

on the way to San Diego Zoo

Tom (Left), Justin's brother, and Niece

Sheng and Justin, Austin, Texas..

Jingle and Sheng

Bill Clinton's Museum

Jingle and Tom

Wangfujin Street, Beijing downtown..

Tian Tan Temple, Justin and Sheng..
Professor at Princeton, Institute for  Advanced Studies..

 Kansas University, 2006

Image Credit:, on Justin, Jiahong Wu, Canada...


  1. amazing tribe.

    hard work does pay off in many ways.

  2. very nice. a lot to be proud of


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