Monday, April 30, 2012

Oklahoma Youth Orchestra End of Year Concert: A Charming Journey Honorig Homely Creations and Westlake Musical Adventures!

To attend Tom's April 29 Chamber Orchestra Concert,
we drive through Highway 35 -West 44 - 23rd street,
Before reaching Putnam City West High School,
We see Homeland Store, Westlake ACE Hardware,
Aldi Market, and Etc., and a beautiful lake sits
by the end of 23rd street as we arrive our destination,
what fun experience.

 Image Credit:, on Oklahoma Youth Orchestra Program, Westlake, Aldi, Homeland, Putnam City West High School, 23rd street...Concert (YingYueHui)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Brake for Animals

I kill most of my time
reading and writing, to honor others,
The bumper sticker penetrates
the flickering images of my reverie,
Three words affixing themselves
on my brain's bulletin board,
while I walk past the silent houses,
I should have not said No to greeting birds,
I should have confessed to loving my marriage,
I should feel confident about my looking,
I'm waiting for him,
It's time to let go of animals
and grab the big hand to be released from inner jail.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Honduras = (Jia)Hong+Hudson+Henry+Honda+Dustus+Laura+A. S.

“Honduras is a vibrant country,
brimming with clear turquoise waters,
pristine beaches, lush jungles,
breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers,
and fascinating ancient ruins.
Vast expanses of mother nature
are everywhere to be found. “
Jingle knew Honduras via a professor
at College of Education, OSU, Oklahoma,
who does business projects with Honduras
on professional career development leadership.

Image Credit:, on Honduras....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Woodle With Wildo

The facuet delivers water
to my mouth,
which is cool
and leaves me live.
I hold midnight in my hand,
let the darkness sprays hunger
on my face,
My heart jumps.
I glue my lips to destiny,
I feel his lumps,
we drink vodka breathlessly,
Into Woodle carrying a Wildo.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canada=Clinton+Cindy+Car Dealers+Heaven+A. B. Thomas+Eric+Talon+Dallas City+Jiahong+Angelina+Tina+Belinda+Tom+Dora+Florida

Parents as pure farmers in Hubei, China,
Justin studies hard at Zhanggang High School,
he made it to Beijing University, ranked #2,
directly promoted to graduate program
majoring in computational mathematics,
worked as an instructor at Beijing
Coming to University of Chicago for Ph. D...
his experiences show that
diligence plus intelligence =success.

Jiahong and his mother, at his home, Hubei, China, 2007

 Jiahong and Jingle's bedroom,

on the way to San Diego Zoo

Tom (Left), Justin's brother, and Niece

Sheng and Justin, Austin, Texas..

Jingle and Sheng

Bill Clinton's Museum

Jingle and Tom

Wangfujin Street, Beijing downtown..

Tian Tan Temple, Justin and Sheng..
Professor at Princeton, Institute for  Advanced Studies..

 Kansas University, 2006

Image Credit:, on Justin, Jiahong Wu, Canada...