Monday, February 20, 2012

She Gives, He Takes (Weekly Prompts)

A Poem:

Ghostly whistle seeps
Cross the shadowy water,
The sores of scorched wind massages,
Smudgy residue,
Restless waves of emotions,
Two lovely souls lost
in the bizarre flames of love,
who knows,
the fostering rain,
the balancing satisfaction,
ruins unseen,
nature fails to halt the nestled arms,
the elemental wealth of healing,
she gives,
he takes,
together they burn,
blue shoes are thrown
away, never mind the telephone…

A Tanka 5 7 5 7 7

It’s president’s day,
Come join the blue shoes parade,
Let pop music rock,
No way to stop many a clock,
Witty illusions are great!

A Haiku:

Love seeps in your bones,
Dedication is not enough,
Angelic image scores,

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  1. romantic,

    when fiction is well written, it comes like real.
    fabulous work.

  2. have to be off line tonight.

    see you later.

    keep it up.

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  4. Nice romantic write for the first one ~

    Its nice that you writing tanka and haiku poems...but do mind the syllabic counts if you want to follow the traditional way of writing them ~

    Welcome to Real Toads OLN ~

  5. An excellent take on several prompts. Thanks for taking part in Carry on Tuesday

  6. Hmm, visiting from Poetry Jam, but see no mention of the site or nothing about a miracle. Confused.

  7. Hmm - lots going on here; great takes on several prompts ...

  8. Hi there,

    Visiting here from Theme Thursday, just wondering where the bubbles are. Not sure if I should join in with some others here and just say that the memes rules for TT are on the sidebar of the main page.

    Other than that it a great poem with lots of romance. One can never have enough romance. Nice tanka too!

    Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, hope you can come back each week to play.

    God bless.

    1. For those who require tags,

      sorry for being careless...

      Thanks for the comments.

      Hope you well.

  9. Beautiful poetry...I really enjoyed your first poem. So romantic and lovely imagery.

  10. she gives love ,, he take love...:) very nice poem.