Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Italian Grandfather (War Time Romances Revealed)

Finally, I got it, I have an Italian grandfather (he has married to my grandmother eternally of course), and he has been loving and caring for me and for rest of my family ever since I was born.

Grandma (1909-1993) had bounded feet and had been my favorite family member in my childhood,  I love d her more than I love my own birth mother, through Grandma’s  84 years of life, she had been through World War I, World War II, and civil war back in mainland China…Grandma’s name was Jewel Young, and she was the most hardworking, intelligent, and loving soul  on earth.

Recall: I was named by my own father as Spreading Wisdom, how can I do it to meet my own father’s expectations? Well, my grandma was the one who passed wisdom to me with her stories, especially stories of World War II…during that time, grandma was married to her Asian husband, and life was very harsh at the war time, they have to run and go hiding from soldiers,  just for fearing of the idea of being questioned or stared…

Particularly, grandma taught me about men, via her stories…according to her, old times, women were passive, inferior, and lack authorities….they would never see their hubbies’ male parts even after they got married and had kids, Grandma also exaggerated the sexual relation between a male and a female, trying to protect me I guess, she said to me: “you shall never allow a man touch you, because as soon as you let it happen, you will get pregnant.” I was about 13 years old at the time, I truly believed her words and that was part of the reason that, I kept myself far away from men and actually was nick named “Virgin Mary” when I was in college, I had refused to date until I was about 21 years old…  

During night time, Grandma used to hide under water to survive, which meant that she needed to stand in water, with her head up above the water, and her head below a tree…still, lonely soldiers found her, and she had to satisfy them to be able to live, grandma never told me that the woman was herself, now I thought about it, it must be grandma herself, who would know such details, it was forbidden for women to tell others her sexual experiences back in China even now, a shame to her husband, right? I forgive and understand her, otherwise, how could she live to love me?

Grandma also told me that once, a woman was taken from her family to live with a solider general for a few weeks, well, during World War II, troops are formed by soldiers from all over the world, soldiers include Germen soldiers, French Soldiers,  Japanese Soldiers, Australian soldiers, American soldiers,  British Soldiers, Russian soldiers, and of course, Italian soldiers… That soldier general must be Italian, and grandma was that “kidnapped”  woman, and I believe that part of her must have had enjoyed her time with the soldier general, she was treated fairly and … She kept telling me war time romances in a sad and unfortunate way, maybe because inside her mind, she wished she had taken away by the Italian man-who could never become her husband on earth, but did show her what is love in advanced levels, and that was the reason that grandma could survive anything and everything…she and her Italian man have been making love to one another eternally after they were separated….As far as I know, my Asian grandfather and grandma did not have a perfect relationship, thus, the  presence of my Italian grandfather had made grandma’s life strong and complete…..

I am not accusing my own grandma here, I never doubted my grandma’s love and virtue in my life time,  this morning, everything began to make sense when I kept rewinding my memories with grandma and picturing her war times stories to me… when it came to life and death, who care about virtue? I eventually figured it out, she was a heroine and I believe that she had made a correct decision to go with the flow when she must.

Soldiers went to war to serve their countries, they have families and relatives, they are humans, and war time romances usually go cross cultures and stretch beyond normal boundaries…my grandma had been perfectly loyal and devoting, her experiences with soldiers does not harm her as a beautiful and loving soul…

Another reason I trust my instincts about my Italian grandfather is the skin issue, grandma has three sons, all of them were named after trees or water, for example, my father was named Water Born, or Born in Water, my oldest uncle was name Forever Woods…I was originally named by my father as Spreading Wisdom, when I was in high school, I decided to change my name to Sunny Sky, and my last name was changed to Young,…talking about skin issue, all of my family members have extremely whiter skin, in comparison to other relatives or villagers, nobody could explain why about the phenomena, but as you know now, my family members have Italian roots, and that’s it.

Thanks for loving and guiding me, love you, grandma and grandpa…

 Flying Fortress World War II



  1. I love romance stories, especially real ones... Great post!

  2. What sad times war was for women in those days and this I'm talking about European women as well. Your dear grandmother told you her sad survival story in such a lovely way and like it happened to another girl. Thank you for sharing and you are blessed to have known her and to find out about your Italian grandfather as well. Happy weekend.

  3. Hello Dear Friend...
    What a beautiful share from your heart today. Your precious
    Grandmother shared with you, her most personal feelings and her
    deepest heart hidden stories. You meant so much to her, that she was able to share with you. What a wonderful way to find out that you have an Italian grandfather as well. She described him beautifully.

    Thank you for your heart felt share today. I am your newest follower, and can't wait to see what you share next.

    Country hugs sweet friend...Sherry

  4. Thanks for the lovely words.
    visitors above.