Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laura Bush: The Lady Liberty

Mrs. Laura Bush,
She's a lady of liberty,
The books she reads,
The grace she posses,
The peace she brings,
The words she speaks,
Everything she does
appears fabulous!!!
She has powerful and elegant
offspring to share,
her girls are intelligent and fair,
The family keeps Texas stand out,
and makes Washington D. C. proud.

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I love This family,
Keep up the excellence!!!


  1. beautiful lady, lovely tribe.

    Thanks for posting.

    stay well.

  2. the family looks awesome and lovely..

  3. Being from Texas myself, I must say I've always thought well of and loved Laura Bush. You did quite well with the 55 word story prompt. Good job. Be blessed.

  4. A wonderful verse. I wonder ... what is this all about. You're the tenth contributer to the Thursday Poets rally which I read and they were all about important women. Is this a new hype?

  5. Lovely verse, so nicely written :)