Sunday, January 13, 2019

poetry picnic week 48, poets rally week 89

Image result for hyde park poetry   

Image result for hyde park poetry  frances cordova  is a group project  #2, on nutrition

Image result for hyde park poetry    a hyde park poetry blog is absolutely elegant

handsome  thoughts
a desire could be sweet
lovely wisdom rains
morning coffee is spilled

joyce and george
amelia and penny
they speak from distance
their words count as stone

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

bluebell books twitter club short story slam week 104, poets rally week 88

loud and clear
we run down the street
we wish to sit for a coffee break
we know we can be very fairy

winter days
some shops set up green and tall fir trees
they trust Santa and God
they pray, they work out wonders

Friday, December 14, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 34, poets rally week 87

Image result for 扶摇》Legend of Fuyao 第01集  fuyao by yang mi

Image result for 扶摇》Legend of Fuyao 第01集 

Image result for 扶摇》Legend of Fuyao 第01集  yang zhiyuan, john mayer

Image result for linda jaco  linda jaco

When Is The Good Time For Lawrence To Visit Salt Lake City of Utah State?: Brain Storm Poetry From South Central, North America  thomas owen washington, it has a fame for linda jaco
Frice dishes at Riverside, Essays of Qingxuan Lin, Both Move qi Yan  ameliawood yarisford, a great book for beijing normal staff

South Africa Travel Guide: The Best Of South AfricaGary Jones, information from Melania Peng
Qingming Festival (Qing Court this) (hardcover) a book by yang qingming

Eternal Love - Chinese Drama TV Series - Mandarin Version - English Subtitle (PAL All Region)   sansheng sanshi shili taohua by yang mi

Back Yard Poems  steven federle writes inspiring poetry

  are you my mother by p. d. eastman
Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetrybilly collins writes lots of poetry