Thursday, December 14, 2017

poetry rally week 46, 85, 50, 80, 10

she comes
carrying a wind
he leaves
unfolding a history
when i decide to walk far
i have planes and wings in mind
i fold your plans into a bookmark
I decide to celebrate
a holiday
merry christmas to a relation

Friday, October 13, 2017

a quote, happy Thanksgiving, poetry and story inn fridays week 6, short story slam week 78

poetry and story inn fridays week 4 



short story slam week 75, oct 12 --nov 5, Happy Halloween 


halloween, who cares?
when you feel lost,
you do wonder, why?

beyond the thousands layers of white clouds
dripping down icy and hard is our chill emotion
which is why you are frozen, but must akwaen

on behalf of halloween
we celebrate by trick or treating,
collecting or passing our buckets of candies to heaven and on earth

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

short story slam and more

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Image result for brown university 

Image result for brown university 
Image result for brown university

here comes a cow
here comes a bull
there goes a weasle
there gone a husky

now, we count heads
we paint schools
we eat donuts and crow for attention
we google up some important data

a name is called
Radhika and Malia obama
they join brown university at rhode island
they post brown face despite the greenwoods and refeller library lawns

marc bookman
caila rossi
phil jaeger
william Matthias
jack matthews
w. w. norton
ann sheridan
chuck anderson ford
sarah rankin
william perry
jon davis
arthur sze
jill bialosky
tastee freeze
yusunari kawabata
sandy rovner
wilma reeves
quaaludes bryan
jerry cox
ronin burks
john morits
nancy pelosi
jimmy jones
mike pence
tom ziegler
jeanne murray
shelby heayon
robert denham
fred chappell
saunders torino
valium mccamety
theodore roethke
van gogh
chloe norris
reece nichols
jennifer westerberg
stephen hawking
dean nelson
mike sharp
alan eskew
david smale
dabney stuart
lynn williams
mary woodson
betty adcock
tyler dillon
voni muller
skylar zhang
sophia bollag
amelia wilson
ann hargis
linda jaco
solemaly swear
neel lalktya
benji wojin
alison schmidt
alex Zhu
rebecca petty
van marsh
mark sanford
raven fawcett
nathan hinkle
kayleigh thesenvitz
giselle willis
alex garoffolo
brennen vanderVeen
justin guglielmetti
maddi birky
megan crockett
adam lux
elena murphy
matt schapiro
alissa schapiro
hanah constantin
sarah constantin
marshall cohen
sam chott
michele coriston
sam beckman
amy cairns
nick murphy
tine wu
albert cai
philip hwang
mikayia harris
larry teague
zach bogue
marrisa mayer
john dayton
trenton gibbons
bobby pierce
g. t. bynum
eddie cheatham
asa hutchinson
mike beebe
chuck lange
chris nickel
jim wilson
jack wilson
stephan wilson
matt wilson
rachel schapiro
mimi schapiro
lucinda southworth
beryl su
wendy schmidt
abe wu
dale alspach
barbara bush
george herbert bush
larry page
richard compton
mary fallin
cory williams
deney lee
brad henry
kim henry
emma watson
j. d. henneberry
sheng wu
tom l. wu
philip riley
james wise
gina noble
jay slee
michael fitts
peng jinping
peng shuizhi
peng yizhi
peng caiping
peng yue e
shuai ying e
shuai yunlan
shuai zhilan
shuai jialiang
shuai jiajing
bie yuejing
bie mama
bie chang e
bie xinzhi
bie bing er
bie nian er
peng yuanzheng
peng yuanxi
peng dongfan
peng xianqing
peng mei e
wang jiuzhi
yang guoping
yang qun e
yang qun zhi
yang zhiyuan
yang fei
yang yongcai
wang wuzhi
wang hongwen
wang min
wang mingfa
wang mingzhou
wang xinzhou
he zhangmei
he dajie
he jiaying
he mingying
he guoping
zhou xing e
zhou huiju
zhou kaiming
zhou tong
shang haifeng
yuan baoquan
wang jinyan
xiong tao
ji shengxiong
li chengdong
li donghua
li weiping
li yuan
li aiqun
li peng
li yapeng
li yan
april huang
yao ming
ye li

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

short story slam week 73, Friday My Town Shoot Out

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Image result for baty street  

Bill Knight may not know
the houses on Murphy and Baty street are beautiful
Ozark and Nestle water bottles
lovely 5iftyone aprtments
Vann Traylor and Wilson Chevrolet
all peek and look
a call from Connie McDaniel and Murphy Aquie is serious
a landscape of Chandler Innovation and William Prescent is novel
Gina Noble, John Bartley, Anson Whitaker, Benson Baty,
all write their story out in big fat shout:
stop and go
the freeway is here for all

 Image result for murphy street
 Image result for elena murphy   elena murphy